Brendas' Garden-Sweetheart Overseas
by Brenda Looney

It was the 60's and I was a teenager in high school. I had met Danny on a blind date. He was home on leave and his buddy wanted him to have a good time and asked if I would go out with him. We double dated and when Danny came to pick me up I was so nervous. I had never dated a soldier before. It made me feel more grown up somehow to be dating a guy who was in the military.


I opened the door and there stood Danny. He was very tall...over 6'5". He looked so handsome with his dark curly hair and big brown eyes. We were double dating with Don and Susan and going to the fair. I felt so at ease with Danny. We rode the rides and pigged out on cotton candy and other assorted junk food. We even had our picture taken together in one of those tacky little booths where you put your head through cut out holes in a cartoon design. I still have that picture pressed in a book stashed away somewhere.

The night ended too soon. We parked the car in front of the house and Danny awkwardly leaned over and kissed me. For a first kiss it was very passionate....and I felt a serious urgency in his touch. We talked for a long time. He was being shipped overseas the next day. I knew he may never come back many boys were being killed every day. He asked me if I would write to him. I said that I would and kissed him good-bye.......a kiss of sweet sorrow.

We exchanged letters for two years. I had grown up and gone away to college....but I never forgot to write to Danny as well as several other soldiers. Letters from home meant so much to these guys. I can never understand what they went through over there.....but I tried to do my part to help by writing and letting them know they were missed and loved.

Danny was my soldier boy

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