Brendas' Garden

I  love to grow flowers and have turned my yard into my own personal 'haven' to come to reflect and relax. Nestled in among some violets, I have a stone plaque that reads,

         'An Hour in the Garden Puts Life's Problems in Perspective.'

Truer words were never written. Flowers are the time honored way of celebrating a variety of life's events. We see them at joyful occasions such as weddings, graduations, anniversaries, showers, births, and also at sad events in our lives such as illnesses and funerals. Throughout our lifetime, from birth to death, flowers are there to comfort us and add to our abundant life.

Flowers are the symbol that expresses love, forgiveness, joy, and sorrow. Nothing says so many things and sends as many messages as flowers do. The image of a beautiful bouquet of flowers touches our souls like nothing else can. The fragrance is taken in and savored. When life gets us down at times, we can turn to our garden to gain perspective and peace.

Please join me on a journey through my lifes' garden and meet the special people in my bouquet~
                               Brenda Looney

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