Brendas' Garden-Letter to My Father
dad and me

Dear Dad,

I wish that you could look down from heaven and read the words I am writing to you. It has been 37 years since you left me, but I think of you all the time and there are some things I want to tell you. The most important thing is that I want to thank you for all that you gave to me. I don't think I told you often enough how much I appreciated you and I regret that.

I learned from you to help other people whenever I can. You always worked so hard.....sometimes as many as three jobs to support us. I know that you were so tired, but you still found time to work around the Church and do odd jobs for many neighbors and friends. I know that many appreciated all the kind things you did for them. I have tried to follow your example and help others and I know now the great personal satisfaction that you got from doing this.

Generosity was one of your greatest traits and you were always willing to give what you had to those in need. If someone asked for the shirt off your back, you would give it to them. I hope I can give half as much as you did and ask nothing in return. I'll never forget the spare change you used to leave for me under the vase in the livingroom by the front door. I would check every morning before going to school and there was your small gift to me to buy a soda after school with my friends. Thank you for that.

I never heard you raise your voice in anger. You were so kind and soft spoken. I am still working on this one daddy, so guide me if you can. I do try to live by your example, but sometimes fail. You were never the one to spank us, that was always mom's job. I don't think you could do it because you loved us so much you couldn't bear to hurt us. I loved you for that too.

I'm sorry you had to work so hard. Times were hard, and money was not easy to come by. I know it helped put you into an early grave and I wish things could have been different. I'll always feel some guilt that you worked yourself to death for your family. I wish you could have had more time to go fishing or go to a ball game down at Tiger stadium. I know you would have loved that because you always had the game on the radio while you worked. I have been lucky to have more time with my family than you did, and I'm grateful for that. I know you would have if you could.

I always loved how you would tuck me in at night. You always said the same thing. "Night night, don't let the bed bugs bite." You'd pull the covers up around me and plant a kiss on my forehead. Thank you for showing me affection and letting me know every day that you loved me.

I have some good news for you. Your granddaughter just had a baby. He is so precious. I know when you died you were looking forward to your first grandchild to be born..... he was born three months after you died. How you would have loved all your grandchildren.....and now this great grandchild is here and so loved. I regret that you didn't get to meet any of them......but hope that you're looking down and smiling as they have all grown into fine adults you'd be proud of. My son has your ability to work with his hands and is very good at building and fixing things.

I had a special birthday in July of 2000. I'm finally turned 50.....the same age you were when you died. I'm sorry that you weren't here with me and that you didn't have more time here on earth. I know how much you were looking forward to retiring someday. I am thankful for the time we did have together....even though it was far too short. This is one of the most important things I learned from you. I won't take for granted that I have all the time in the world, nor will I look too far into the future....but instead savor each day as though it were my last.

Most of all Daddy, I love you. I'll always miss you and be thankful that you were my Dad. Till we meet again.

Your loving daughter,

                   Brenda Looney

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