Brendas' Garden-My First Mothers' Day

My First Mother's Day

by Brenda Looney

It was the day I had been waiting so long for in May of 1976. I had nervously dialed my doctor's office and asked for the results of my test. It seemed an eternity that I was put on hold. My heart was beating so hard and my stomach was churning. Finally, the doctor's assistant came on the line and said the four most wonderful words that would change my life from that day forward. "Your test was positive." After five years of infertility and trying, I was going to be a mother!


I immediately called my husband at work and he announced to everyone within shouting distance that WE were pregnant. :-) I then called all my friends and family to announce the good news. I didn't waste any time starting to buy maternity clothes and baby things. I'd stand in front of the mirror and lovingly stroke my stomach and try to imagine what it was going to be like to feel this new life inside of me. Many nights I would sit in the rocking chair in the nursery longing for my baby to be in my arms. I was so happy and felt such joy that I would soon fulfill one of my life's dreams of becoming a mother. From the time I was a little girl playing with my dolls and setting up 'house' I knew that someday I wanted to have children.

The day finally came for this life that I had so carefully sheltered in my body to leave me and enter the world. I awoke early on January 20,1977. My husband was working nights and I was alone. It was almost time for him to come in, so I just waited till he arrived. I'd had my bag packed for weeks just in case. I met him at the door and said, "It's time to go to the hospital." When I closed the door of the house it occurred to me that when I returned there would be three of us......a family.

My husband and I had gone through the Lamaze classes and I was as prepared as I could be to go through natural childbirth. My labor lasted for 9 hours and then things began to happen fast. I lost all sense of any modesty I had with so many people examining me. I was a bit nervous with some of the women screaming down the hall and worried that things might get worse. I got edgy with my husband when he seemed more interested in the baby monitor than me.....and when he would wake me up to tell me I was about to have another I wouldn't know when it hit. :-) Pant, pant, blow......pant, pant, blow.......words forever embedded in my brain. Finally, I was dilated to the magic number .... 10. My husband put on his mask and gown and I was wheeled down the hall to the delivery room. For a brief moment, I decided I didn't want to do this anymore and I just wanted to go home. Silly me, I knew better. I reminded myself that women had been giving birth for thousands of years and if they could do it so could I. There is something reassuring in identifying with the rest of the world. :-)

Once I was draped and put into the birthing position I was told I could now push. There was a huge mirror suspended from the ceiling and I wanted to watch what was happening. With my husband and nurses cheering "PUSH," I closed my eyes and with everything in me pushed once and it was over. I opened my eyes and there on my stomach was a red, wrinkled, screaming baby. The doctor said, "Congratulations, you have a son." My husband who had wanted a boy all along immediately tried to reassure me that next time we'd have a girl. I don't think it was the right time to mention going through this again....but I appreciated the sentiment anyway. :-)

vern david

My mother instinct kicked in immediately and I wanted to reach out and touch my son and comfort him. I asked the doctor if I could touch him and she said, "Yes." I carefully stroked my son and talked to him and he stopped crying immediately. He was taken by the nurses and cleaned up and weighed and handed to my husband who paraded around the delivery room talking to him while they finished sewing me up. I asked the doctor if I could try to nurse him and she had no objections, so my husband gave him to me. I put him to my breast and he began to suckle.....just like that. It was so awesome. I remember saying, "What a smart baby. He was just born and he already knows how to eat!" :-) I also dismissed all the old wives tales of how heartburn was a sure sign of a baby with lots of hair. My son had little to none. :-)

The bond between mother and child was formed that day. There is no love stronger than the love of a mother for her child. I thank God that he gave me the opportunity to be part of a miracle.....the miracle of life.

our miracle baby david


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