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In spring of 2000, I checked my email and I had a letter titled 'Gullick Family Tree'. I opened it up and read that a cousin of mine that I had only met once when I was a child had found my brother on the internet and was asking for information about my father's parents. Her sister was helping in the search. It was exciting to reconnect with family that I didn't even know. We posted many times back and forth with pictures and stories of our lives. It was a funny feeling to know that I had family out there in the world that I had never met and a history just waiting for me to learn.

I had inherited a beautiful portrait of my father's mother whom I had never met. She died twenty years before my birth at age 38. I have her portrait hanging in my bedroom, and often I would just look into her face and wonder what she was like. She was my grandmother, but I knew very little about her. My cousin emailed me a picture of my grandfather who I had never seen. I had no pictures of him at all. As the picture slowly unfolded before me, I saw his derby hat and then his face. I looked into his eyes and saw my father and my son. This man, my grandfather who has been dead for decades was slowly being introduced to me and I had an excited butterfly in my stomach as the rest of him unveiled. He was young, handsome and dressed in a fine suit complete with derby hat and he was standing next to a table with flowers on it. It was a beautiful formal portrait. I excited called to my son to come and meet his great grandfather who he bares a distinct resemblance to. It was awesome that this invention called the computer could bring family together and even bring back the dead for introduction.


William Richard Gullick,(1882-1952)

That night as I lie in bed, I stared at the portrait of my grandmother knowing that I now had a picture of my grandfather forever in my heart to go with her. I wondered what kind of a mother she had been to my father. I know that she cared for her 19 year old daughter who had TB and that she caught the TB from her and they both died. What dedication, love and selflessness to care for her child with no regard for her own health.


Ada Riggs Gullick, (1892-1933)

                               Brenda Looney

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