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MY FATHER-Memories of Daddy

My dad was a kind and gentle, soft-spoken man. He was a hard worker and didn't have a bad word for anyone. He never raised his voice and he loved his family more than anything. He was born in Alabama the middle child of 5 children. They were poor and daddy never finished school because he had to go to work. His first job was working at a 'picture show'. He would wear a 'sandwich sign' advertising the latest movie being shown. Although he was not formally educated, he was very good at working with his hands and there wasn't much he couldn't do or fix.

Daddy loved to put in a big garden every year. I guess I inherited his love for digging in the dirt and watching things grow. He loved western movies and John Wayne. He was proud to be a deacon in our church and worked hard volunteering his time to do whatever needed to be done around the building.

dad brenda

One interesting fact I found out about daddy only in the last few years is that he worked at the facility that made the first atom bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. I had watched a good movie about it and mentioned it to mom and she casually mentioned that my dad had helped work on it. I was fascinated and asked for more of the story. Work was scarce in Alabama and when daddy got a job offer he packed up the family and went to work at the government facility. He never really knew what was being made was all top secret. They lived in a government trailer and all the family had to wear ID badges. Mom said the trailers were really nice and she liked living there. You weren't allowed to leave the grounds without all kinds of paperwork and checks. Daddy told her that there were large rooms with huge magnets in them. He didn't understand what they were for....but he knew it was something important. When the project was over, they packed up their belongings and headed for the bus. They wouldn't let mom out because she had failed to bring her goverment ID with her. After hours of shuffling around....she was finally released.

When the bombing of Hiroshima was publicized then Dad knew what it was that they were doing there for all those months. He was given a small pin commemorating his part in this historic event. He always wore that pin on his lapel of his suit when he went to church. It never occured to me to ask what it was for. How I wish now that he had told me the whole story.

Daddy died when I was just 13. He was a wonderful man...and I still miss him.

     Brenda Looney

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