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I wasn't always a gardener. Oh, I used to buy a flat of annuals that I would plant across the front of the house in a straight row like little soldiers in front of the shrubs that were planted there decades ago. I also had a little corner in the back yard where I'd plant 4 tomato plants and a hill of cucumbers and some onions.....that's it.

About 6 years ago we decided to tear down our old garage and have a new, bigger one built. We had the new garage moved back to the end of the lot. To achieve the correct 'pitch' for water flow, it had to be built up quite high. This left the garage's foundation about 4 feet up and showing at the back end.....It looked wierd. I had cement walkway put in next to the garage and behind the garage. Where I live you're not allowed to cement all the way to the fence line, so I put patio blocks down there. I decided to get some of the new cottage blocks and build a flower bed gradually coming down with the pitch of the garage to camoflage the foundation and make it blend in better to the yard. That was year one and my first project. It came out so beautiful, that I got 'THE BUG'.

garden gate


That winter I poured over garden magazines and catalogues and planned the next flower bed. I dug up the whole middle of the yard in the shape of a figure 8 and lined it all (two blocks high) with cottage blocks. I hauled in truckloads of dirt...and filled it all in with the richest dirt (mixture of top, peat, and composted manuer. I started planting it up. I chose daylilies for the border...about 50 of them. It turned out so well, that the next year I started digging up the front yard.  I made a long L - shaped garden on the side lot line and planted a weeping cherry tree and 5 roses and other perennials.


Slowly, one year at a time, the gardens took over the yard. I'd only do one new bed a year.....and do it right starting with good soil. A local garden club stopped one day and asked if they could have my garden on their annual garden walk. I was honored and said yes. I got to know the garden club ladies and they were all so nice, that I joined. The next year I was elected Vice President and through my activites there I've met lots of wonderful people and got to visit many places I never would have. It kind of opened up a new world for me...... just at the time in my life when I needed something for myself. My son was growing up, and didn't need me as much anymore and my husband travels a lot and isn't home every gardening was a hobby that became a new focus in my life.

I'm a bit compulsive. I don't approach anything halfway. I always jump in and kind of overdo things...  I have had groups of seniors come to my garden and have made them lunch, and it was one of the best days of my life. These were dementia residents at a local assisted living facility. I had my neighbor who grooms and boards dogs bring some of her dogs down to visit. They loved the flowers, food, and was wonderful. I hated to see the day end..even though it was a lot of work....It was a good kind of tired.

husband son

 Your garden should reflect your personality and tastes.....It should be personal. You take your pick.... but take lots of time laying out your beds, choosing plants, and bordering material. Prepare your soil well, and don't take on too much at once. Gardening is a life-long experience. You are never finished.

               Brenda Looney

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