by Brenda Looney

I walked briskly down the path, clutching an armload of books.
The leaves swirled around me in a tapestry of red, yellow, orange and gold
Like a family of butterflies, fluttering through the air . . .
Floating down making a carpet on the ground
that crunched beneath my footsteps.

My breath puffed out little clouds in the sharp, cold air.
Flocks of birds overhead were flying in perfect formation
heading south before the frozen winter arrives.
The squirrels were busy scampering all around,
carefully burying acorns here and there.

I skipped up the stairs and into the house.
There was an aroma of simmering stew and homemade bread
that made my stomach rumble with hunger.
Mom asked how my day went and we talked for a bit,
but I was eager to leave the table and get outside.
I grabbed a hot mug of cinnamon-cider and headed out back

With rake in hand, I pulled and pulled from every corner of the yard
till sweat was dripping from my brow.
The brown carpet of leaves miraculously spun into a mountain.
Tossing the rake aside, I backed up and began running
sailing in the air as high as I could go.
I landed rolling, laughing and squishing the leaves between my fingers.

I got up and began scooping the leaves up with my arms,
into the burn barrel they went.
Pushing down hard, till it would hold no more.
I struck the match to them and watched the fire blazing
my mind was frozen numb with fascination,
mesmerized by the dancing of the flames.

The smoke curled up in swirls
drifting off into the now barren trees
that had the shape of arms outstretched.
Mere skeletons . . .sleeping now . . . rigid against the breeze

When the fire had exhausted itself and twilight was near,
my mind drifted back to another world awaiting me.
I bid good-bye to the autumn night and
walked slowly back to the house,
taking in one last deep breath of smoke filled air.

I headed straight to my room where I loved to dream
Stretched across my bed with pencil in hand
and delved into the magical world of my books
visiting people and places in far away lands.

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