by Brenda Looney

For My Mother

She was born into poverty and struggled every step of the way
Her father denied her, abused her
and she'd sting from the slap
She recoiled from the words he'd say
that she had been caught in his trap

She escaped from the shame and constant denial
and married to give herself a new start
She left her home and fled never looking back
but keeping the secret in her heart

Her home and children became her new focus
and she tried to make up for what she had not had
She gave love but often was difficult
Making all of us confused and sad

After four score and four years she finally broke the silence
Blurting out what she had held so long
That she had been born in shame and denial
And was not loved but was determined to be strong

She would not let anyone observe the hurt
She'd fight back with stinging words
For if she let her guard down
Someone might see
The child inside her was weeping
For the love she so much wanted to receive

Now in the sunset of her life
She's let the truth be known
The secret is out from the dark
And into the light for me to see
I understand better now and I have grown
The boil is lanced and the pain is set free

There is now time for healing
I'll do my best to make amends
Like a wounded animal that struggles and fights back
But eventually succumbs to being held and bends

From the sunrise that follows a tempestuous storm
To the sunset that follows a blustery day
I'll cherish the rainbow in the sky up above
And be grateful there is time
To embrace it with every word I say

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